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The search for a suitable aid can quickly become a challenge. Our guides will help you: They provide all the important information, support you in the decision-making process and serve as practical help for self-help. Find out which aid best suits your child and you.

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Guide stroller
Mobility for rehab children & parents

Families are like small businesses: Time management is a challenge in hectic everyday life - joint ventures often fall by the wayside.

The choice is wide, but in this guide we provide you with the essential information to help you find "your" rehab stroller.

Car seats guide
On every trip the right solution for rehab kids & parents

With this guide, we provide you with the essential information in terms of functionality, handling, comfort and safety. Use this decision-making aid to choose the "right" seat for your everyday family life.

Guide walking
Promoting movement & active participation for rehab children

Children who cannot walk without help due to a disability or whose motor development is delayed need the best possible support. Intensive therapeutic guidance and suitable aids enable these children to experience the sense of achievement of being able to walk themselves. What a great gain in quality of life and participation for children and their families.

Sitting guide
More participation & better learning

Sitting well on the right chair is the basis for motor skills for writing, playing and eating. Easy handling, the right functions and, last but not least, an appealing look promote participation in the classroom community, with friends and family. The right learning chair for kindergarten, school and at home creates the basis for the best possible development of children.

Advisor Everyday Help Aids Boxes
compiled for you - 50 years of experience in medical aids

In our aid boxes you will find solutions for an independent everyday life. Compiled with over 50 years of experience.

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