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Test a walking trainer free of charge

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Your new walking coach!

The entire test (incl. shipping & return shipping if not satisfied) is free of charge and without obligation for you! Try without risk at home, school or kindergarten, professional advice - before, during and after the test. Including free delivery & pickup.

Yes, we would like to register for the free and non-binding test.

Arrange a delivery date with us by phone.

It's that simple

Try walking trainer

Personal phone call

Register for the test using the form. We will then call you back to discuss everything else directly. Or call us directly: 04761 88677.

This phone call is of course completely without obligation and without commitment for you.

Selection of the gait trainer

In a personal conversation we will find out together which walking trainer fits best to your needs, wishes and specifications.

Try without risk

Try it out at home without risk. Once we have found a suitable gait trainer for your child, an expert advisor will come to your home to properly fit the gait trainer. Then the test can start.

While you test

During the test phase, we will call you to see if everything is going well and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the test.

When the test is over...

... we will discuss together how you can get your desired therapy chair. Of course, we will pick up the test model from you again free of charge.