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Decision support for the parent test

On the basis of our guidebooks

Playing, learning and discovering the world - thanks to special aids, even children with disabilities can be everywhere. But deciding on the right companion for everyday life presents many families with difficulties. To support you in this situation, our guides therefore offer all the important information as well as practical help for self-help.

Not all little girls and boys develop in the same way. For example, if the stroller is starting to get too small, a rehab buggy can be a useful companion. Or perhaps you are faced with the choice of a new car seat for your child. Despite good advice from medical supply stores, many parents find it difficult to decide on a rehab aid suitable for their family - especially if they have had no previous contact with this topic. Our guides will help you make a decision and tell you which model might suit your child's needs and abilities. The individual life situation of the family is also decisive here: Do you, for example, need a robust rehab buggy for walks in the woods in rural areas or a lightweight buggy that can be stowed in the trunk with just a few handles in hectic city traffic? And should the rehab car seat allow for a variety of adaptations or should it be as easy as possible to change vehicles?

Our guidebooks contain concentrated know-how on the following topics:

Rehab strollers / buggies

Mobility for rehab children & parents

Not every child with a handicap needs a special rehab stroller at first glance. The decisive factor is whether this rehab stroller can promote participation in life and togetherness.

Rehab car seats

The right solution on every ride

With this guide, we provide you with the essential information in terms of functionality, handling, comfort and safety. Use this decision-making aid to choose the "right" seat.

Therapy chairs

More participation & better learning

Whether with or without a handicap - a good sitting posture is crucial for the mental and motor development of children. A therapy chair makes it easier for children with disabilities to participate and helps them learn.

Walking trainer

Promote movement & active participation

With gait trainers, children learn to walk in natural movement sequences and are supported in this. Which gait trainer supports your child's development and fits into your child's everyday life?

50 years of experience in the supply of rehabilitation aids
Advisor & product test from Thomashilfen

What distinguishes a rehab buggy from a standard buggy? What dimensions of your child are relevant for the selection? And what else should families pay attention to when buying? These and many other topics are explained to you in an easy-to-understand way by specialists in our guides. In addition, after countless conversations with parents of disabled children, we have compiled useful checklists, vivid testimonials and a collection of frequently asked questions and answers.

With our "parent test", we also offer you the opportunity to try out our aids directly at your home and thus find out which model best suits your child and your family life. During the registration process, you must first specify which requirements the aid must absolutely fulfill, for example:

  • "My child needs a complete reclining position in the rehab cart. A slight resting position is not enough, as he should also lie on his side."
  • "My child needs extra support for good posture, so everything about the car seat needs to be completely customizable."
  • "My child is very sensitive to shocks. Particularly soft padding is therefore very important to us."

We will then contact you to coordinate the selection of the appropriate model and the further procedure of the parent test. The initial fitting of the aid as well as the further support on site will be carried out by our field service or the medical supply dealer of your choice.

You have questions or want to register for our parent test? We are here for you at 04761 979 400