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Support for parents with disabled children

Valuable information and resources for you and your child

  • Our useful guides provide guidance and answers to the most frequently asked questions by parents with children with disabilities.

  • Our children's rehab podcast EIN BESONDERES KIND (A SPECIAL CHILD) wants to take parents of children with disabilities by the hand and support them in their everyday lives.

  • You have questions? We'll be happy to help! By phone, by live chat or even by video chat - just the way you like it.

  • Welcome to the official blog! Here we share informative articles, inspiring stories and valuable advice.

Current blog posts

Rear seat or front passenger seats - what is the safest place for my child in the car?

March 22, 2024
Rear seat or front passenger seats What is the safest place for my child in the car? Safety is the top priority when driving a car.

3-point harness or 5-point harness

March 22, 2024
3-point harness or 5-point harness - what is the best way to buckle up children in the car? Large children without a handicap can use ...

Does my child have enough space for their feet in a rear-facing car seat?

March 22, 2024
Rear-facing car seats Does my child have enough space for his/her feet? The space for the feet is limited in a rear-facing car seat.

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Useful guides to understand and find your way around

  • Stroller

    Special children need special support. A good rehab car is therefore a must for many parents. But the wide range of products quickly causes headaches.

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  • Car seats

    essential information in terms of functionality, handling, comfort and safety. On every ride the right solution for rehab kids & parents.

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  • Go

    Children who cannot walk without help due to a disability or whose motor development is delayed need the best possible support.

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  • Sitting

    Good sitting on the appropriate chair is the basis for motor skills for writing, playing and eating.

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  • Mattresses

    Good nights, good days - to rest and lie pain-free. Mattresses designed to meet the needs of special children.

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  • Everyday aids

    Join in everywhere, be part of it everywhere. Useful helpers for little girls and boys with special needs.

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A Special Child - The Highs & Lows of Assistive Technology Care

Little Mara has to overcome some challenges in her everyday life because of a handicap. Mara's parents also have to overcome one or two hurdles in their search for a suitable aid for her. The new children's rehab podcast EIN BESONDERES KIND (A SPECIAL CHILD) wants to take parents of disabled children by the hand and support them. Using Mara's story as an example, we show you the difficulties and problems that can lurk around the topic of "aid provision". At the same time, we would like to educate, encourage and present suitable solutions.

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your online platform around rehab aids for children with handicap

For parents of children with disabilities, everyday life often holds one or two challenges that need to be mastered - especially when it comes to mobility, sleep and participation in daily life. We know that it is easy to lose sight of the big picture when looking for solutions to new or changing circumstances, and we would like to serve as a guide for parents of children with disabilities in such situations. For this reason, we have created

We are your portal around aids for children with handicap. Whether mattresses, car seats, rehab strollers, gait trainers, tables, chairs or practical everyday aids: Here you can find out everything you need to know. Use our comprehensive guides as an orientation aid and find out how to find the perfect aid for your child and yourself. Our experienced service staff will answer your questions or accompany you during our free product tests - by phone, live chat or video telephony. You can also count on the advice and support of our experts during the subsequent fitting process. In addition, our podcast "A special child" gives you valuable insights into the process of fitting aids. and the services offered are an initiative of Thomashilfen. Based on the diverse experience we have gathered over many years in exchange with parents, caregivers and specialized retailers, we can present suitable information as well as customized services and products. This allows us to provide targeted support for children with disabilities, as well as their parents and caregivers, and enable them to enjoy a better quality of life day after day.